Would you like a glass of water?

‘’Drinking 5 to 7 bottles of water is way too much!’’ This is the general reaction of people when they are encouraged to drink more water. Fortunately, water can be obtained from various foods and drinks such as fruits and vegetables, herbal teas and broths. Within 2 weeks of increasing water consumption, most people begin to feel the benefits and start to feel generally more energized.

Farewell ‘’tiredness’’, hello ‘’vitality’’!

‘’I feel much less tired!’’

Indeed, water is an essential part of our body and our blood. In fact, one of the many functions of the blood is to transport oxygen and nutritious elements to the body’s cells in order to nourish them. Those cells will then produce energy in a more efficient way, which leads to higher energy levels and decreased feelings of lethargy.

Try drinking water all day

Filling up your water bottle or a glass will help you reach your hydration goals by giving you the opportunity to sip on water throughout the day. You may want to set yourself reminders to drink it at first. If you are especially tired, engaging in physical activity or the weather is particularly hot, pay even closer attention to your water intake. If you are drinking alcohol, try drinking a big glass of water before and after each glass of wine or bottle of beer.

Give it some zest!

As much as some people enjoy their water plain, others might like it flavored. Be creative by adding your favorite ingredient! Here are a few ideas to give it that extra sparkle.

  1. Lime and lemon
  2. Strawberries and mint
  3. Basil and blueberries
  4. Cranberries and oranges
  5. Ginger with a hint of honey

Cheers to your health!

Your nutritionists,

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