Happy father’s day!

On June 16th is a day for these men who are so precious to us: Father's Day. First a big thank you to all of you dear men for what you are and what you bring to us: Happiness, love and a sense of humor!

It's not for everyone to feel confident behind an apron. Anyway, dear gentlemen, know that you have an essential ingredient in cooking: creativity! Indeed, it is not uncommon that you do not quite follow the recipe because it lacks an ingredient or because a step is laborious. This is when your creativity takes over and therefore, you spontaneously concoct a new version of our favorite recipe!

We're then all winners because it is around the table that are savored your delicious culinary creations, allowing the discovery of new ingredients arranged in an unusual and tasty way. One way for you to tell your children and your spouse that you love them.

Some men in kitchen

In Quebec, several public men are recognized for their culinary skills. Think of Ricardo, whose books and cooking techniques are essential in Quebec families.

And also to Jean-Philippe, vegan chef, author of humorous podcasts and delicious recipes.

On the other side of the Atlantic, another man of influence in the culinary world is undoubtedly Jamie Oliver. Recognized chef for his television show, Jamie teaches us quick and easy recipes and talks about his initiatives related to better access to healthy food in schools in England and elsewhere.

It's all well and good, but not all men have the interest or the creative flair behind the counter. In this case, a Father's Day gift could be a cooking class, alone, with family or with friends.

In your family or your circle of friends there are, without a doubt, men who make you greedy to eat. A spouse who grill on the barbecue, a father who brings you a loaf of homemade bread, a son who invents spaghetti sauce recipes? Tell us about these slow-cooked dishes prepared with love!

Happy Father's Day to all dads, grandfathers and future dads!

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