Prioritizing health for your employees: A winning strategy!


In it’s december 2020 edition, the newspaper Les Affaires questions us about what lays ahead in 2021. An interesting topic for which the following aspect is expressed ‘’…projet structurant pour l’économie qui survient au moment où l’onde de choc de la pandémie de COVID-19 force tous les secteurs à revoir leur modèle d’affaires et à innover pour survivre ou continuer de croître au Québec et à l’étranger’’. In other words, encouraging us to think outside the box to innovate and grow. 3 of the nine objectives suggested to attain that goal are:  

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Attract, develop, and maintain talents
  3. Increase overall quality of life

Being an optimist person, I believe in a healthy future and our ability to build it together. Especially now in a time of needs where health is at the heart of our priorities. Therefore, I encourage you in continuing to prioritize your health and that of your colleagues. Furthermore, this starting year may be the right time for you to innovate through trying one or two of the following strategies: 

Encourage your coworkers to take their lunch break

Often in my practice, I hear people say ‘’…I don’t take the time to eat lunch’’, or ‘’…I want to advance my work therefore I eat in 10 minutes…’’, and ‘’…I don’t have time to eat my vegetables…’’. This behavior shows the determination in accomplishing a lot of work by the employee but often at the expense of their long-term health. Although a lunch break is scheduled, if not entirely used, it does not serve in keeping the workers productive and healthy. Continuing to work through lunch even a few times a week may lead to chronic health diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and steatosis (fatty liver). These health issues are expensive in terms of medication, absenteeism, decreased performances and insurance. Through encouraging your employees and colleagues to stop their work and enjoy a good lunch, not only do you help them attain a better health level but also reach higher working performances.

Offering a virtual motivational conference to your work team: "Fuel your health and work performances, while working from home"

Since the boundary from the office to the kitchen counter is slim, working from home may lead to it’s share of challenges, especially when the time comes to choose what to eat or cook. Adapting to this new work reality may seem difficult at first, which is understandable considering the actual circumstances of the world pandemic. In order to minimize the possible repercussions on health and equip workers in reconnecting with their strengths and strategies around mealtimes, I suggest offering them my nutritional conference called ‘’Fuel your health and work performances, while working from home’’. As a result, the energy level and productivity of the team is increased throughout the day and for the future ahead. Such an initiative is in direct way with the perspective of reducing insurance group costs since eating healthy reduces risks of chronic diseases and medical treatments. In my interactive conferences, workers are receptive, thankful and participate in great numbers. To facilitate such an offer within the company for which you work for, along with my title of nutritionist member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec, I am now an approved trainer certified by Emploi-Québec (La Commission des partenaires du marché du travail) allowing you to benefit from the reimbursing of the cost (total or partial) of the interactive conference due to the 1% corporative law on taxes.


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