As an experienced and dynamic speaker for small and large groups or one-on-one consultations, Johanne Vezina offers relevant and timely advice on a wide range of nutritional topics:

Nutritional consultation for adult, baby, infant, teenager and eldery:

Weight loss
Food allergies and intolerances (gluten, lactose)
Gastro-intestinal complications
Sport and nutrition
Gastroesophageal reflux


Locations : Candiac Longueuil | Montréal

nutritionniste Johanne Vézina

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A dietitian with a degree from McGill University, Stéphanie's mission is to demonstrate that healthy eating can be fun, easy and non-restrictive. Member of the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Canada, she is passionate about preventative nutrition (diabetes and cardiovascular diseases) as well as helping those with weight-related issues. She has also acquired excellent knowledge in the field of intuitive eating. Stéphanie is committed to scientific rigor and enjoys writing on our blog.

Stéphanie Leduc, Dt.P. B.Sc.

Dietitian for 30 years, Guylaine worked in several positions as a manager and a clinical nutritionist in the hospital environment as well as in two medical clinics. She has distinguished herself in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, eating disorders in people of all ages as well as food intolerances and allergies including gluten intolerance and celiac disease. Passionate about nutrition and healthy lifestyle, Guylaine has written several articles on this subject. She has also structured the entire care and follow-up of at-risk members of the Health Portal for CGI-CANADA, which has become global.

Guylaine Chagnon, Dt.P. B.Sc.

manger sainement- nutritionniste Johanne Vézinamanger sainement- nutritionniste Johanne Vézinamanger sainement- nutritionniste Johanne Vézina

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