Keynote Conferences

Keynote Conferences in person or virtual

  • Motivational, highly interactive, authentic keynote conferences
  • Keynotes for organizations, companies, healthcare professionals and the general public.
  • Keynotes based on research and observations of tens of thousands of people from all over the world.
  • Scientifically proven nutritional concepts.
  • Empowering message dynamically and positively delivered
  • Keynotes tailored to the specific needs of the group.
  • Interactive activities included to engage and learn
  • Key messages easy to understand and apply.

Discover my Keynote Conferences

Professional presentation

Reflects current knowledge in nutrition science

Practical tips and easy recipes for everyday use

Question period

Thanks to you Johanne, people from across the world: Asia, Romania, France and Canada were enthusiastic and happy with the conference. The attendance was big!

William Savignac
HR Advisor Ubisoft divertissements inc

Offering a conference to your employees gives them the opportunity to ask questions, express their ideas and find easy ways to improve their nutrition, health, and performance within work and in their day to day lives

Lyne Maurier
MBA, B.SC. Académos director

Thanks again, the conference was very interesting and interactive, and was greatly appreciated by the employees!

Martin Tanguay
CPHR, Chief Human Resources Officer at Solmax International

Customized Keynotes

For all customized Keynotes, a preliminary analysis of your participants’ needs and nutritional knowledge will be carried out. A content proposal will then be sent to you.

Our Clients

I have had the pleasure of sharing my experience with people from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds, thank you for your confidence.

Benefits for Organizations and their Employees

Encourages team members’ wellbeing and productivity, by helping them maintain optimal energy and concentration levels throughout the day.

Johanne is an official Trainer accredited by the Comission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT).

Opportunity to help employees improve their nutrition after the conference by offering individualized nutrition consultations, that respect individual tastes and culinary skills. Consultations offered in person or virtually.

Attracts talents, for whom health is one of the most important pillars in the choice of a company.

Helps employees feel a sense of belonging to the organization, because it takes their health to heart among other advantages.This increases employees’ desire to “stay and play” an active part in the organization’s success.

Potential for reduced group insurance costs, as healthy eating reduces chronic health risks and medication treatments.

Studies of wellness programs show that the return on investment is greater than the cost of the conference.

Book Johanne for a keynote

By choosing Johanne to speak at your event, you will benefit from her vast professional nutritional experience, and her dynamically inspiring way to share with participants the power of nutrition, and how it has a positive impact on the quality of life and everyday performance. 

Your Keynote Speaker

Motivational Keynote Speaker   with an authentic personality, Johanne Vézina helps people, business leaders and health professionals adopt inspiring practices and create a world where they can thrive by getting enthusiastic about eating better, one bite at a time.

La première étape pour que Johanne intervienne lors de votre événement est simplement de nous en parler un peu et de voir si la date est disponible. Veuillez s’il vous plaît, remplir le formulaire ci-dessous.

The first step to having Johanne speak at your event is simply to tell us a little about it, and see if the date is available. Please fill out the form below.