Feel Satisfied after Eating Out


Treat yourself to a different meal, in a festive atmosphere, by going to the restaurant. Whether it’s a birthday, a get-together with friends or a vacation, become an expert in the art of ordering a meal that’s good for your tastebuds and good for your blood sugar.

When you’re diabetic, it’s not easy to choose between the dishes offered at the restaurant? With the help of 5 key questions, make your life easier and dare ordering what you like while maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Practical activity with restaurant menus included.

*Also offered with a general, non-diabetic approach.

As a retiree, I have many opportunities to go out to eat, now I feel more comfortable choosin a meal that I like and that suits my health status.

Aliette Jacques

For whom?

Retired people, associations, employees or company executives who like to enjoy a meal in a restaurant that is both tasty and well-balanced.


60 minutes (also available in a 30- to 45-minute "lunch" version)

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