Enjoy a ‘’Feel Good’’ Snacking Lifestyle


Rediscover your hunger and satiety signals. They’ve been there since birth and are your best allies at feeling good snacking and having confidence in your appetite.

8 o’clock at night, sitting in front of the screen, hands in a bowl of chips. Recognize yourself? You’re not alone. Nibbling in front of the screen is omnipresent. Some people do it for fun and others to cope with loneliness, stress, or sadness. I’ll share with you ways to enjoy a ‘’feel good’’ snacking lifestyle.

Excellent conference! Dynamic and stimulating. Closely listened to participants. Super!

Michèle Pulichino
CRHA, M.Sc. Human Resource Management Consultant UGroup Media

For whom?

For retirees, employees, corporate executives, students, and anyone who wants to better understand their hunger and satiety signals.


60 minutes (also available in a 30 to 45 minute "lunch" version)

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