Good nutrition is an important determining health factor for everyone that results in a better quality of life! Organizations that provide nutritional conferences to employees, members, and to their community, is an investment in the health and productivity of their group. To date, over 400 groups have attended dynamic conferences offered by speaker and nutritionist Johanne Vezina that overflow with energy and creativity.

Here are some of the conferences available :

  • Energize your team with healthy nutrition!
  • Maintain or reduce your weight: for an active and healthy life.
  • Managing your diabetes
  • Lowering your cholesterol: putting nutrition to your advantage
  • Make your plate a masterpiece: the healthy colours of good nutrition
  • Eat Well, Live better in your retirement
  • How to reduce snacking between meals
  • Family and mealtime: How to eat together in harmony
  • Are you "nutritionally bilingual"? Interpreting nutrition labels in twenty seconds at the grocery store.

T- 514 358 4462

Photographie de Johanne donnant une conférence

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