Is your salad giving you the energy you need?

When people think of dieting, they often think of salads for lunch and boiled chicken breasts for dinner. Although we do not believe in diets (see this post for more detail), we do believe that a salad can be nourishing and, if made right, delicious! A lot of the time, we tend to neglect energizing foods that […]

Tastes are in nature!

In nutrition as in everything else, each person is unique and has his or her own tastes! TASTES ARE IN NATURE Tastes are in nature”, as they say, which explains why for one person, blueberries of Lac Saint-Jean taste like heaven and for another they are just blueberries, no more and no less. To cultivate […]

5 ideas to improve your favourite muffin recipe

Did you know that a commercial muffin found in a fast food or grocery store can contain three times more sugar and twice as much fat as a chocolate donut? Up to 9 teaspoons of sugar can be hidden in a fast-food muffin, which is the same amount of sugar found in a can of […]

Will you choose to eat or remove the peel?

« Eating the peel of my vegetables, really??? Eating fruit peels no problem, but eating carrot, squash and parsnips peels? There are limits! » « Are you sure? » What do you think are the benefits of eating vegetable peels? It obviously becomes much faster to prepare a soup or a vegetable stir-fried The peel […]

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