The association between healthy nutrition and decreased burnout symptoms

Burnout could be described as mood changes where anxiety, stress and sleep disturbances could be present. It is not a disease, but it affects people in such a way that their health could be compromised as well. In my practice, I’ve observed over the last 25 years how emotional eating of certain transformed food such…
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Prioritizing health for your employees: A winning strategy!

2021: 2 WAYS TO INNOVATE AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS In it’s december 2020 edition, the newspaper Les Affaires questions us about what lays ahead in 2021. An interesting topic for which the following aspect is expressed ‘’…projet structurant pour l’économie qui survient au moment où l’onde de choc de la pandémie de COVID-19 force tous…
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During the December 15th press conference, Premier François Legault announced his plans to encourage the people of Quebec to enjoy going outside and be as physically active as possible during the holidays. It was being said that to encourage people to move more (while staying 2 meters apart), outdoor winter sports are permitted for groups…
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‘’Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is a lot.’’ This is the general reaction of people when they are encouraged to drink more water. Yet surprisingly, within 2 weeks of increasing their water consumption, most people will feel the benefits. Farewell ‘’tiredness’’, hello ‘’vitality’’ ‘’I feel much less tired!’’ Indeed, water is an essential…
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