Top 3 suggestions for a great summer!

Here in Quebec, we absolutely cherish and take full advantage of our summers. Hot temperatures bring a lot of people to the beach, long days entice us to get ice cream after supper and long weekends are perfect for picnics in the park. These activities are essential for a memorable summer, but despite getting out…
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Would you like a glass of water?

‘’Drinking 5 to 7 bottles of water is way too much!’’ This is the general reaction of people when they are encouraged to drink more water. Fortunately, water can be obtained from various foods and drinks such as fruits and vegetables, herbal teas and broths. Within 2 weeks of increasing water consumption, most people begin…
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How To Make Vegetable Broth with Food Scraps?

Are you the type of person who struggles with using up all the vegetables in your fridge? Think of that celery stalk you forgot was buried in your veggie drawer, or that lettuce that is looking a little too under the weather for the nice crisp salad you are wanting to serve at dinner. The…
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Apprendre à cuisiner avec Grand-maman, un cadeau précieux!

Quels sont les deux ingrédients essentiels au succès d’une recette? Vous serez d’accord avec moi pour dire que les Grands-mamans ont deux ingrédients magiques dans leur casserole : L’amour et le temps. Oui, je sais que de nos jours, les grands-parents sont très occupés et sollicités, mais tout de même, ils sont généreux et prêts à…
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